11/04/2013, Dr. Suzanne van Gils (Kühne Logistics University), on "Respect Bridges Differences: How Leader Respect Moderates Relational Demography Effects in Different Gender Dyads"


 Extending the literature on relational demography, our study shows that negative effects of demographic differences in leader-follower dyads, in particular the differences that conflict with traditional role patterns, can be attenuated by respectful leader behavior.  We conducted a multi-source study in which 212 employee - leader dyads responded to online or paper surveys. The results confirmed our hypothesis that respectful leadership positively influences follower performance in leader-follower dyads with dissimilar gender, especially in cases with a non-traditional role division – where the leader is female and the follower is male. In leader-follower dyads with similar gender this effect was absent. Although sufficient for our analysis, the number of dyads consisting of a female leader and a male employee is relatively low. Furthermore, our study focuses on a single demographic trait instead of on a demographic profile.

Our research illustrates that the negative effects of relational demography  can be reduced through respectful leadership. In addition our study emphasizes the potential of respectful leadership to restore feelings of belongingness to the organization when these are lost. Our multi-source study is among the first to show that the negative effects of relational demography can be reduced, specifically, through respectful leadership. In addition, our research is among the first to present positive leadership, and in particular respectful leadership, as a means to reduce negative effects of the organizational environment by restoring follower belongingness.


From 2012-2013, Dr. Suzanne van Gils was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the KLU. Before starting at the KLU, Suzanne completed her Ph.D. at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in Rotterdam (2008-2012), in the domain of ethical behavior and ethical leadership, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Prof. Dr. Daan van Knippenberg. As part of her PhD project, Suzanne spent 5 months as a visiting scholar in Prof. Dr. Michael Hogg’s  Social Identity lab at Claremont Graduate University in California in 2011.

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